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All Time 5 Best Handicappers In The Sports Industry

Betting has become popular across all ages especially in the past decade and this trend seems to only continue into the future. It is with no doubt that placing a bet is fascinating to any sports fan or anyone who wishes to engage in betting for whatever reasons. However, the betting industry may not be a working in the park, as many people perceive it to be. There is a lot of information that one is required to have to be successful in this industry. Of course, the various rules and discipline that is required stand in place. This post looks into one of the questions many people ask, the best handicappers that are in the industry. Many people always get the wrong way when it comes to choice of handicappers. However, we have listed for you a number of highly ranked handicappers across all sports.

1.Johnny Banks

Rated as one of the leading handicappers in the world, he is all round handicapper and suitable for bettors who have to stake high considering his picks are not cheap. He has that unique combination of knowledge, in-depth-analysis, as well as luck. He dominates football bets, NFL, NCAA, NBA, and MLB. Johnny picks have always received a high percentage of wins and we can say his picks are almost a guarantee. He is occasionally referred to as a big winner for the big players due to his high status among bettors that he has been able to maintain over the years. If you are a serious player, you will have to part with $100 for each game you receive from Johnny.

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2.Kyle Hunter

Kyle is an experienced handicapper and has been hitting the picks highly in the last five to six years and he can arguably be rated as one of the best handicappers in the world. He provides his picks all round the clock. His amazing talent, high professional work ethic as well as the luck seemingly on his side have driven his success story. If you have not come across a handicapper, who seem to be lucky in almost each of his picks then Kyle Hunter is the one. All these combination of factors will ensure that he becomes your best choice especially if you are looking for a seasoned handicapper.

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3.Jeff Alexander

When looking for a handicapper who gives his all to provide you with the best pick then Jeff is your answer. He is a seasoned bettor and he always provides his followers with what he has placed himself therefore there is a high chance of accuracy as well as high levels of confidence from his clients. Not only does he win regularly when he places his bets but he wins big. The high level of success of Alexander in this industry has been attributed to his good analysis skills. Alexander occasionally uses statistical data and analysis, the past trends of a particular fixture, past head-to-head data that is available of the teams, the situation of the teams, weather, and other factors that influence a game. Therefore, Jeff’s picks always wins and deservedly due to exploitation of all aspects of the game that matter.

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4.Trev Rogers

When looking for consistent and reliable football handicapper then Trev Roger has to be your choice. Rated as one of the best football handicappers around the world Trev is always picks winners that most of the bettors would not have considered. He is good at paying attention to the smallest details of a football match. His impressing winning record placed him top of the football handicappers ranking for the year 2014. Despite an impressive record of over 70% winning picks between 2012 and 2014, he has received minimal attention. We would advise that pay close attention to Trev Rogers especially if you are placing football bets.

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5.Steve Merril

Steve is one of those handicappers who spends a lot of time analysing and looking into every detail of his picks before realising to you. If you are, someone looking for a handicapper who really works hard for you to win then Merril is the right man for you. He routinely prepares by taking much of his time looking into everything that some of you may neglect but matter when picking a winner in a match. This dedication has grown his follows base and raised his status as on of the best handicapper around the world.

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In conclusion, we can agree that the above handicappers are among the top rated all-time handicappers in the World today. However, there are other handicappers who have significant impact on the betting industry, and are as well professional in their work, and guarantee winnings in their picks. Although considering that we are reviewing the best handicappers that are known currently then the above will fit into that category perfectly well. It is also important to note that the above handicappers are professionals and not like others who have been involved in frauds. Therefore, to be safe try the above handicappers and surely you will not regret.