Matt Fargo

Matt Fargo has been in the business of handicapping for 17 years. His outstanding record has made him one of the most notable and respected handicappers in the business.

Fargo has had an impressive 28-17-2 (62%) run with ATS and total plays in the NFL. His NFL Primetime run is a sensational 9-3 (75%)

Matt Fargo Handicapper

Matt Fargo Points

The NFL isn’t Matt Fargo’s only expertise. His NHL record is 15-11 for a $4,202 NHL run. With the NBA season is upon us and that means that Fargo is ready for a huge profitable season. He has +585 units since 2008 and intends to keep that going this season.

Matt Fargo excels in handicapping at: NFL, NBA, NCAA-F, NCAA-B, NHL, CFL, WNBA, and MMA. He also provided free tips for the PGA tour.

He has some signature plays such as the Enforcer which means it has a 10* rating, and the Ultimate Underdog which is an underdog that Fargo feels has been unreasonably underrated and has a good chance of winning the game. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced handicapper than Matt Fargo can give you the reliability and consistency you are looking for in a handicapper.Twitter

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