Trev Rogers

Trev Rogers is one of the most accomplished and consistent handicappers. His picks are always ranked at the top of the sports betting industry. In 2004 he made 8- NBA playoff selections and finished with 67%. More recently, his clients for NFL/NCAA combined went 46 games over .500.

Trev Rogers Points

Trev Rogers Handicapper

Trev Rogers was #1 in the nation for 2012-2013 NFL and CFB Football Units won. This college football season he has an awesome 46-28 (63%) run. You can trust the knowledge of Rogers for NFL, NBA, College Basketball, College Football, and MLB picks. His players are based on a 5*-7*-10* unit scale with 10* the highest rating.

Published hot streaks include:

  • Football Overall Plays 36-18 L54 67%
  • NCAA-F O/U Plays 21-9 L30 70%
  • NCAA-F Plays 20-11 L31 65%
  • Football O/U Plays 23-10 L33 70%
  • Football Overall Plays (+500) 5-0 L5 100%

With years of experience in the business, Trev Rogers is at the top of his game with a reputation as one of best handicappers on the planet. If you want an investment that is guaranteed to grow and protect your money management then you want Rogers on your team. Twitter

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